Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens

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Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens

living-a-lieThe Semmes firefighters are so excited that the Fire Department is FINALLY on the right track. No citizens will be left unprotected. The Hales and the Sham of a Volunteer Board would have you believe that everything is lost. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They are shamelessly doing everything they can to slow down progress. They are desperately hanging on to their pet project. The Semmes Volunteer Fire Department. This “volunteer” department is a sham. There is no such thing. The citizens have been served well by paid, professional firefighters for 3 years now. It only makes sense to transition to a Municipal department. Don’t listen to their last ditch fear tactics. We are on the right track and EVERYONE will be even better off with the new changes. The Hales don’t care about you or your safety. They only care about power, and they’re watching it slip through their fingers.


2 thoughts on “Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens

  1. Most of the citizens in Semmes do not know what is going on with the Fire Department. I was told the volunteer fire department was not funded. Was the volunteet fd not funded bc we have adequate fire protection through Semmes. Please just explain what is going on. Have we grown enough so we need to just use the Semmes fd. We just need to understand. One thing, please don’t call the volunteer fd a sham. It was a lifesaver for many of us for years. If the volunteer fd is obsolete, of course we can understand that and move on.

  2. I am personally sick of these anonymous comments! If you truly have something to say put your name on it. It’s easy to spout off comments online. I believe you’d be taken much more seriously if you take credit for your comments.

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