David Baker Running For Mayor

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Mayor David Baker

Mayor David Baker

David Baker is running for the Mayor of The City of Semmes in the upcoming election. I am copying and sharing his Facebook post on Talk Of Semmes so you might learn more about him personally and as a candidate:

“As Americans, we once again prepare to celebrate the birth of our country. The 4th of July has always served to remind me of our blessings, freedoms and prosperity.
The United States of America serves as a beacon of freedom to all people. As a soldier for 20 years it was my great pleasure to attend 4th of July ceremonies in many states and foreign countries. One of my favorites celebrations occurred at Fort Lewis, Washington. Imagine thousands of soldiers and their families enjoying food, friendship and a beautiful day of celebrating the birth of the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America. The entertainment that day was provided by the actor Gary Sinise and his band of musicians, “The Lieutenant Dan Band”. They were an energetic and patriotic group. During breaks between songs, Gary Sinise spoke on his love for our country and his appreciation for our service. This man, this talented actor and musician brought his gift of music and joy to thousands of people at Fort Lewis that 4th of July.
On this 4th of July let us all pause and reflect on the birth of our great nation. My family and I wish you a grand and exciting 4th of July, 2016 . David Baker”


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