Moffett Road Ace Hardware

Emergency Supplies Available At Moffett Road Ace Hardware

Emergency Supplies Available At Moffett Road Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware at 7380 Moffett Road in Semmes has practically every item on the 2015 Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday sales “covered items” list so you can probably pick up most of your items there. Carter Johnston, the manager, guided me around the store while I looked for items on the emergency preparedness list. Here’s what I found:

Plastic Sheeting
Drop Cloths
Ground anchor systems
Bungee Cords
Tie-down kits
Duct Tape
Non-electric food storage coolers and water storage containers
Fire Extinguisers
Smoke detectors
Gas & diesel fuel tanks

That’s easily 75% of the items on the list. Ace probably has more but I just did not look. I did take note of the fact that Ace has propane tanks, new and exchanges, and lots of stuff not on the sales tax holiday list but which you probably need anyway – tools, hardware and such.

Jarod Grant

Are You A Collector?

Second 2 None
8125A Moffet Road
Semmes AL 36575

Jarod Grant is a collector. I tried several times and used several different interview techniques to see if Jarod would say something that would reveal that he does what he does only for the money, but when he said “I’m a collector,” I finally understood that he is heart, body and soul into the art and tradition of tattoing. Jarod collects tattoos. When asked how many tattoos he had collected, his answer was not in the number of tattoos, but in the approximate number of hours required to be the canvas for other tattoo artists – in Jarod’s case, over 120 hours. Jarod also happens to be the owner of a tattoo business, Second 2 None, at 8125A Moffet Road in Semmes and is a tattoo artist with over 16 years of experience with most of those 16 years in Tennessee having been in our area for only about 6 months.

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