February 8, 2017

Introducing BIG TALKER

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Hello. I am “BIG TALKER”. I will be the face for your anonymously submitted stories. The stories I tell do not necessarily reflect the views of Talk Of Semmes or Terry Platt. Read and agree to the Talk Of Semmes Engagement Policies and feel free to send me your stories. I’m a big talker – I will tell everyone. Send your story in text format to bigtalker@talkofsemmes.com.

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One thought on “Introducing BIG TALKER

  1. I am a part of the on line “nextdoor scenic hills” on line website. we exchange information about lost dogs, burglaries, thefts and such. recently the “former ” semmes administration kinda hi-jacked the site to use if for bashing the current administration for having a “speed trap” in semmes now…….I commented we shouldn’t be speeding thru there , men are working on the new sidewalks! I was called names and was even referred to as a “cockroach” . I later heard that one of the ones calling me names and hi jacking our site had gotten a ticket for speeding…..well I guess if her best buddy was still mayor she could have gotten it thrown out, lol. however the “former” mayor had also put her two cents in with useless information filling pages with nonsense. this is ridiculous…..we want our site back. I will not be bullied, sour grapes is all it is. just thought I would mention this. seems the “former administration” just cant let go………people that use that site are not interested in what renee fransen and judy hale have to say about our new administration. we just want to continue to let folks know about yard sales, flowers we want to share, dogs roaming and such. I will try to shut them down when they start their political garbage and try to ruin this site for the rest of us. several people have dropped out now. I hope they come back. this is so ridiculous

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