Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

One point that I would like to make. I have heard this statement made several times now, that if we were “involved”, we would know the truth about what is going on in Semmes. This is a tired, worn out excuse that does not make a valid point. Every single person that spends as little as a dollar is involved in this city. Our tax dollars are what support this city.

City Of Semmes Municipal Election August 23 2016

Politics Can Be Fun

Challenge Accepted
I have just learned just how much fun one can have taking an active role in politics. Yesterday, a Judy Hale caravan visited our neighborhood, three or four cars, and managed to get three residents to accept signs for their front yards. Until then, there was only one sign in one yard and it was at the home of a David Baker supporter. Just for the fun of it, and because I felt the Hale caravan was a challenge I thought it would be fun to accept, today I visited neighbors and talked with them a bit. Some were not at home but I did manage to contact a few and I quit when I ran out of signs.

Dear Mayor Hale

Dear Mayor Hale,
I have in my possession documents that will prove at the very least misfeasence or malfeasance on your part as Mayor of Semmes Alabama. As investigation continues into this matter, I suspect it will lead to an ethics violation or in the worst case a state or federal indictment. Just to give you a hint of my sincerity, here are some details of the documents so you will know I have them in hand:

One document is dated March 23, 2015 and is a real estate appraisal from a local real estate appraisal company
Another document dated March 23, 2015 is the invoice for that appraisal from the same real estate appraisal company. The invoice is in the amount of $750.00. If this invoice was paid, it was paid without city council approval
Another document is addressed to City Council Member Howard Smith whom called you out publicly in a City Council meeting about your motion to  the city council to proceed with this land purchase – it is nothing less than a corrected appraisal issued by the appraisal company after Mr Howard Smith called the appraisal company to point out an error on the original appraisal. My publishing of these documents will drag others into the spotlight and you know who they are – the owner of the property, the appraisal company and others I wish no harm.

Terry Platt

Update For Today’s Public Forum

The Story & Details Will Be Published Later, BUT

I wanted everyone to know that the following candidates/incumbents will not appear at the forum planned by Mr. Crabtree for 5:00 p.m. today at Pathway Church:

David Baker
Howard Smith
Lawrence Webb
Terry Platt
Charlie Watts
Jerry Shirey

To: Mr Tim Hale, President, Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Board

Dear Mr. Hale, President, Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Board

It is laughable that you attempt to silence the voice of the people by having the city attorney send a Cease and Desist order to me. Let’s pursue this to the fullest. The origination and present location of the document posted on Talk Of Semmes will make a very good story indeed. The post of the document will remain. To The People of Semmes: there are those operating within our city government that will use every means within their grasp to prevent you from knowing the truth.

Citizen Files Complaint With Mobile County Sheriffs Office

A citizen of Semmes witnessed a City Of Semmes employee driving a City Of Semmes vehicle remove the political signs of Candidate David Baker from her property yesterday evening. When confronted the employee left before the Sheriff’s Deputy arrived. Hard evidence such as a Case # is difficult to refute. This is Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Case # S16-08-0234