November 10, 2016

Dear Ms Singleton

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Dear Ms Singleton,

Let me take the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

Your fire and rescue services never changed. Although our former mayor, Judy Hale, her husband, Tim Hale, and the SVFD board tried their best to jeopardize the safety of our community and place blame on the new administration, all of their actions were anticipated and planned for.

Regardless of what all were led to believe, your fire and rescue services – for at least the last three years – were furnished by city-paid employees using equipment largely funded by the City Of Semmes. This one fact alone invalidates the claim the services were “volunteer.” The perception of services being performed by “volunteers” was a hoax perpetuated by Judy Hale and others for as yet unknown reasons.

Much of what has been written here on TOS was written to prepare the public for the bold move to be taken by the city council – to reveal the hoax and cut off any and all support that would fund its continued existence. Once this was done, Judy, Tim and others acted irresponsibly and cut off access to vital life-saving equipment. This dangerous act has now been corrected.

I hope this helps. An entire book could be written about this incident but time does not permit that. Your new mayor and city council are working pretty much around the clock to put things right and get to work doing what should have been done all along.

If you have questions or concerns, give me a call.

Terry Platt




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