September 9, 2014

International Gospel Outreach

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International Gospel Outreach

International Gospel Outreach

International Gospel Outreach

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International Gospel Outreach

International Gospel OutreachSemmes AL 36575

Semmes AL 36575


International Gospel Outreach is a mission agency working across denominational lines to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home in the United States and around the world.
We are a missionary training and servicing agency. IGO provides the necessary training for its missionaries to reach their fields of service, and then provides support services that enable to missionary to focus on the work at hand instead of having to deal with the business of missions back home. We consider ourselves servants to those on the front lines of missions.
We send missionaries all over the world to work as equiper’s and teachers along side our national friends in each country. It is our philosophy that the foreign national can be much more effective in ministering to their own people group as they are already adapted to the culture, climate and language. For this reason, our main ministry thrust is a ministry of helps and equiping of local pastors and christians in a given country. Missionaries with IGO help in planting churches, training leaders, establishing medical facilities, theological schools, orphanages and other works as the needs are encountered.
We are missions consultants . IGO is available to act as a consulting service to local churches who may need help screening missionary applicants, developing a church based missions ministry, or any need a church may face in the arena of World Missions.


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