Mayor David Baker

Semmes Library: The Back Story

Back Story on the Semmes Library

The very day that the Semmes Library situation was placed on Mayor Baker’s desk we went into high gear on researching the problem, getting expert input, and studying the City’s financial trends and prospects. From the beginning there was no question that the Semmes Library had to be preserved as the center of Semmes, its home put on a permanent and financially sustainable basis. The first thing we did was to enlist the advice, pro bono, of outside experts. We did a library walkthrough inspection with an architect, another walkthrough with a commercial real estate expert.  Their consultations were purely personal contributions to the community – neither the architect nor the real estate expert will be involved in any future developments with the Library, unless on a pro bono basis.  We got other local input and researched the real estate market. An internal management review of City operations was already underway and a reorganization plan to increase operational effectiveness while cutting $300,000 a year in waste was being put into effect.

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That is Good News!

The County Commission will not renew the Semmes Branch Library lease as is? That is Good News! Notice the Commissioner’s words: “as-is.”

They are doing the right thing. The CVS lease option should not be picked up “as-is.”

The lease option raises the price to around 130% of what it should be, according to real estate experts we have consulted. It must be rejected before negotiations can begin on a new and better lease.

We are simply... Tired!

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future
By now you have heard much discussion regarding the Semmes Firefighters. We have been discussed politically, used as a bargaining chip and most recently used to strike fear in the citizens of Semmes. Let me be clear. We will not abandon Semmes nor will we stop giving our best. We will continue to do what we have been doing for the last several years which is providing fire and medical protection.


      After consulting with firemen, concerned citizens, and attorneys, Mayor-Elect David Baker today announced his plans and proposals for a much-improved Fire and Rescue Service to serve all of the residents now being served, but with faster response times, a more stable workforce, and newer equipment. The long-serving, much-appreciated, Semmes Volunteer Fire Department of the past exists today in name only. Only three volunteers remain. Now, professional City-paid crews man the three Semmes stations around the clock. Our Public Safety Committee will work closely with the Fire Chief and other members of the Fire Department to develop a list of urgent priorities, starting with personal safety equipment for all firemen.  I would like to bring those needs to the Council for action as soon as possible.

The Grumpy Old Men Are Pissed!

The Grumpy Old Men Are Pissed! Well, true to their word, the Semmes City Council is taking immediate action to curb what they see as wrong-doing by Mayor Hale. Talk Of Semmes just received notice of two “Special Called Meeting.” As provided by state law, two or more city council members can call for a special called city council meeting. It also appears that the Semmes City Council is up-to-date on Alabama statutes as they called for two special called city council meetings – one on Thursday, September 15th at 6:00 pm and a second on Friday, September 16th at 3:00 pm.