Terry Platt

City Of Semmes 2016 Election


My post today is intended to serve as a summary of my activities during the week concerning our local elections and to provide you with information both previously posted and unposted. This year all City Council positions are challenged as well as the Mayor’s Office.  None of the candidates during the last election had anyone running against them – they were elected and appointed with no opposition. Things are different this year so the political fervor will be greater in the City Of Semmes. New faces are adding new dimensions to the election and I encourage everyone to consider for democracy to work the people must control their government.

Mayor David Baker

David Baker Interview: July 22 2016

David Baker Interview
July 22 2016
I asked Mayoral candidate, David Baker, to meet with me at a local eating joint for an interview. He accepted and we talked for twenty-five minutes about various topics of interest to me personally and to others I have talked to in the Semmes area. The bullets below are paraphrased and exist only to give you a general idea of what we talked about. I encourage you to listen to the interview online – a link is at the end of the article, or download to listen to at your convenience. Additional interviews with incumbents and candidates are being scheduled. If you have a question for any candidate, please email it to staff@talkofsemmes.com and I will do my best to get your question and its answer in an interview.

Semmes Alabama Rumors Lose Some Merit

Semmes Alabama Allegations Lose Some Merit

Talk Of Semmes is not the first small town online news site I published and probably will not be the last. I love small towns. The first word in the name of the site, “Talk” was carefully chosen to be indicative of what you find in small towns – talk. The tagline, “gossip, rumors and a few facts about Semmes Alabama” was chosen to emphasize the probable content of the site – gossip, rumor and a few facts about Semmes Alabama. It is an unfortunate fact that rumors and gossip spread fast and if not exposed as rumor or gossip, they soon become fact to many.