"Rat" and Elaine Dearmon

A Humbling Experience

Another Letter to The Editor

“In Grateful Appreciation to “Rat” and Elaine Dearmon for Their Many Years of Selfless Service with the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Serving and Protecting the Citizens of Semmes”


It can be a humbling experience witnessing ordinary citizens banding together for their community to set right an injustice….and humbling it was last night in Semmes as I looked around at the faces of the men gathered outside of the Semmes Volunteer Fire Station No. 1 on Wulff road. It was very clear from the mood among these gentlemen that they were determined to liberate these stations last night not only to safe guard the citizens of Semmes but, to honor the memory of a family and a man that they had looked up to in this community when they were just young boys.  I had been asked to be there by Mr. Mickey Dearmon in order to provide photographic documentation of the conditions of the stations and any equipment that was found inside. Called into service again by their ex-chief, Mickey Dearmon, these men rallied to his side after Mr. Dearmon worked tirelessly to obtain court documents granting him as acting SVFD Fire Chief, the power to seize both Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No.

Dear Ms Singleton

Dear Ms Singleton,

Let me take the opportunity to respond to your concerns. Your fire and rescue services never changed. Although our former mayor, Judy Hale, her husband, Tim Hale, and the SVFD board tried their best to jeopardize the safety of our community and place blame on the new administration, all of their actions were anticipated and planned for. Regardless of what all were led to believe, your fire and rescue services – for at least the last three years – were furnished by city-paid employees using equipment largely funded by the City Of Semmes. This one fact alone invalidates the claim the services were “volunteer.”

City Crews on Jarvis Property


PRIVATE PROPERTY DESTROYED BY CITY HALL… INCOMPETENCE OR INTENTION? Around noon on Tuesday, September 13th, I received a call to come to Firetower Road about 1/4 mile south of Moffett Road (Hwy 98). The call was from Ms. Susan Jarvis, the owner of some properties on Firetower Road. Ms. Jarvis said that City Of Semmes employees were cutting down Camellias on property owned by her family. Upon arriving at Firetower Road I could see several Mobile County Sheriff’s vehicles and several personal vehicles.

Mayor Hale Gracefully Acknowledges Defeat At Polls

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, as prescribed by Alabama state law, Mayor Judy Hale along with all Semmes City Council members, convened for canvassing and certifying election results for the Semmes Municipal Election on August 23, 2016. Semmes City Clerk, Brandi Michelsen, as required by state law, was the caretaker of all voting materials submitted to election officials and returned by election officials to Semmes City Hall. At question in the canvassing and certifying was the winner for city council place #2. Results from voting machines credited incumbent Howard Smith with 272 votes and challenger Tony Ebright with 267 votes. The purpose of the canvass is to account for every ballot cast and ensure that every valid vote cast is included in the election totals.

Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

Another Citizen Of Semmes Speaks Up

One point that I would like to make. I have heard this statement made several times now, that if we were “involved”, we would know the truth about what is going on in Semmes. This is a tired, worn out excuse that does not make a valid point. Every single person that spends as little as a dollar is involved in this city. Our tax dollars are what support this city.

City Of Semmes Municipal Election August 23 2016

Politics Can Be Fun

Challenge Accepted
I have just learned just how much fun one can have taking an active role in politics. Yesterday, a Judy Hale caravan visited our neighborhood, three or four cars, and managed to get three residents to accept signs for their front yards. Until then, there was only one sign in one yard and it was at the home of a David Baker supporter. Just for the fun of it, and because I felt the Hale caravan was a challenge I thought it would be fun to accept, today I visited neighbors and talked with them a bit. Some were not at home but I did manage to contact a few and I quit when I ran out of signs.