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That is Good News!

The County Commission will not renew the Semmes Branch Library lease as is? That is Good News! Notice the Commissioner’s words: “as-is.”

They are doing the right thing. The CVS lease option should not be picked up “as-is.”

The lease option raises the price to around 130% of what it should be, according to real estate experts we have consulted. It must be rejected before negotiations can begin on a new and better lease.

Just What The Hale Is Going On Here?

Friends And Neighbors of Semmes,

What I am about to tell you certainly is not the entire story but I felt it is time to interject additional facts with the intent of giving you a better understanding of what is going on in our city and hopefully put you at ease. First, everything is well. What you have seen and heard in the last few days are the ending of the story – what you have witnessed are the screams from the demons being cast down to hell and the hate-filled words of the criminals swearing vengence as they are hauled off in handcuffs (not literally of course, but still quite likely). The plot of this story is just like any other story of this type – in the end everyone gets their due and it’s pay-back-time. Second, these events were anticipated. Your incoming elected decision makers knew that Judy Hale would not go down without fully exposing her black soul and her hatred for the community.

A Recommendation From A Semmes Council Member

One of your local councilmen suggested that I might steer Talk Of Semmes content towards a more pleasing and uplifiting theme. Never one to avoid trying something new, here is my first attempt:
A Semmes senior citizen called her husband, a Semmes councilman, during his drive home. “I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on Highway 98. Please be careful!” The councilman replied, “It’s not just one car.

Semmes Local Government Watchlist

Semmes Local Government Watchlist: Powers Of Appointment

Semmes Local Government Watchlist
Powers of Appointment
Section 11-43-81, Code of Alabama 1975, states that the mayor has the power to appoint all officers whose appointment is not otherwise provided for by law. The Attorney General of Alabama has ruled that if the council has exercised its powers to appoint officers of the city or town by passing an ordinance, then the appointment would be “otherwise provided for by law,” thus removing the mayor’s power to make appointments. AGO to Hon. John W. Maples, April 17, 1957. See also, AGO 1995-315 and 1997-166.

The Council Has Authority Over The Finances And Property

Mr. Platt, I would like for you to publish the following for my fellow citizens in the City Of Semmes. This information was taken directly from the Alabama League of Municipalities. I think the public needs to be educated about the fact that all that has been done in the city wouldn’t have been possible without the approval of council. Everyone is under the impression that the mayor is the one who has done it all. Please find a way to share this…

Terry Platt

Terry Platt: A Citizen, Not A Politician

Terry Platt: A Citizen, Not A Politician

I attended the “Meet The Candidate” event sponsored by the Semmes Senior Center the other day and I thought it was great. We need more of these face-to-face meetings in Semmes. One lady paid me quite a compliment without knowing she had done so. She called me a “troublemaker.” I took it as a compliment and know I was walking two inches taller when I left the event.