Family Escapes Flaming Home

A Sullivan Road family fled their burning home some time shortly after 7:00 p.m. last night, Friday, March 3, 2017. Chief Kevin Brooks of Semmes Fire Rescue stated that upon arrival, fire fighters found the home’s occupants safely outside the home which sustained heavy fire damage. Semmes Fire Rescue had the flames beat down within 4 minutes and no calls were made for assistance. The state fire marshal was called in to investigate the cause of the fire.

Dear Ms Singleton

Dear Ms Singleton,

Let me take the opportunity to respond to your concerns. Your fire and rescue services never changed. Although our former mayor, Judy Hale, her husband, Tim Hale, and the SVFD board tried their best to jeopardize the safety of our community and place blame on the new administration, all of their actions were anticipated and planned for. Regardless of what all were led to believe, your fire and rescue services – for at least the last three years – were furnished by city-paid employees using equipment largely funded by the City Of Semmes. This one fact alone invalidates the claim the services were “volunteer.”

Just What The Hale Is Going On Here?

Friends And Neighbors of Semmes,

What I am about to tell you certainly is not the entire story but I felt it is time to interject additional facts with the intent of giving you a better understanding of what is going on in our city and hopefully put you at ease. First, everything is well. What you have seen and heard in the last few days are the ending of the story – what you have witnessed are the screams from the demons being cast down to hell and the hate-filled words of the criminals swearing vengence as they are hauled off in handcuffs (not literally of course, but still quite likely). The plot of this story is just like any other story of this type – in the end everyone gets their due and it’s pay-back-time. Second, these events were anticipated. Your incoming elected decision makers knew that Judy Hale would not go down without fully exposing her black soul and her hatred for the community.

Are Truth, Logic And Facts Even Relevant?

Why does the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Board continue to fight the majority of the Semmes City Council in regards to operation of the SVFD? Is it pride or ego? Is it because its continued operation is in the best interest of the citizens of the Semmes area? If you consider truth, logic and facts, you may see what many of us do – it just does not make sense. If the SVFD board truly wanted to do what is best for our community, then wouldn’t it be logical to jump at an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our city government?

Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens

Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens
The Semmes firefighters are so excited that the Fire Department is FINALLY on the right track. No citizens will be left unprotected. The Hales and the Sham of a Volunteer Board would have you believe that everything is lost. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They are shamelessly doing everything they can to slow down progress.

We are simply... Tired!

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future
By now you have heard much discussion regarding the Semmes Firefighters. We have been discussed politically, used as a bargaining chip and most recently used to strike fear in the citizens of Semmes. Let me be clear. We will not abandon Semmes nor will we stop giving our best. We will continue to do what we have been doing for the last several years which is providing fire and medical protection.