Flying Discs Coming To Semmes Alabama

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Admiral Park Semmes Alabama

Flying Discs Coming To Semmes Alabama

The City Of Semmes will soon take its place among a short list of other American cities with bragging rights to a professionally designed disc golf course. Due to the hard work of many local disc golf enthusiasts and the Semmes City Council, Admiral Park will soon be open and disc golf will be underway. Located on Morris Hill Drive, across from the Splash Pad, Admiral Park is forty plus acres of natural beauty with lakes and wooded places.

Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the United States. While traditional golf is played with a ball and clubs, disc golf is played with a flying disc. Players throw a disc across a fairway to a suspended metal basket. Much like traditional golf, the player with fewest throws at course end wins the game.

Much of the terminology used in the game is borrowed from ball golf but the playing field is much different. Instead of acres of high maintenance grass, disc golf courses wind their way through Mother Nature’s offering whether it be an empty lot or wooded forest. Disc golf combines one’s love of nature and the outdoors with a very challenging sport.

Rules and regulations as well as technical standards for equipment are well established and published by the PDGA, Professional Disc Golf Association. Although millions of kids around the world play disc golf on a daily basis without any rules but their own, professional disc golf players compete nationally and internationally guided by the “Official Rules and Regulations of Disc Golf.”

Disc Golf Tournaments are held throughout the year and across the nation and Semmes Alabama can certainly host its own. Having a course designed by possibly the best known professional disc golf course designer, John Houck, is by itself a tremendous attention getter. All of Semmes should be proud that we are on that short list of professional courses and take every opportunity to support those that continue to invest time and talent in putting Semmes Alabama on the map by way of Admiral Park.

This is the first of a series of articles about disc golf and Admiral Park.


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