Just What The Hale Is Going On Here?

Friends And Neighbors of Semmes,

What I am about to tell you certainly is not the entire story but I felt it is time to interject additional facts with the intent of giving you a better understanding of what is going on in our city and hopefully put you at ease. First, everything is well. What you have seen and heard in the last few days are the ending of the story – what you have witnessed are the screams from the demons being cast down to hell and the hate-filled words of the criminals swearing vengence as they are hauled off in handcuffs (not literally of course, but still quite likely). The plot of this story is just like any other story of this type – in the end everyone gets their due and it’s pay-back-time. Second, these events were anticipated. Your incoming elected decision makers knew that Judy Hale would not go down without fully exposing her black soul and her hatred for the community.

The Station #1 Incident Of 2016

Everyone wants to know what happened at the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Station #1 today – the station on Wulff Road. I arrived to find three or four Sheriff’s Deputies and about twenty or so local citizens. All were just hanging out, getting reacquainted and talking of the prior activities they participated in at this very station. Most were asking the same question you have asked, “What’s going on.” The crowd continued to grow until there were probably 75 to 100 people at the station.

Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Motto: Resign or Be Fired by-Being Forced to Quit

Fun With Words

What is an “organization?” I ask in order that the citizens of Semmes might decide for themselves if the rights of the city-paid firemen employed by the City Of Semmes have been violated. The proper understanding of the word “organization” is important for this discussion because in last Thursday’s council meeting, Judy Hale mentioned the fact that city-paid firemen are required to be members of the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department. On the face of it, one might not take notice of that statement made “from the horse’s mouth” but it does raise the question of the legality of that requirement. If you just don’t trust what Judy says, as many do not, this requirement can be verified by asking any of the eighty or so firefighters that have perilously made their way through the entanglement of employee torture established by Judy’s authoritarian form of city government.

Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens

Another Firefighter Speaks To Semmes Citizens
The Semmes firefighters are so excited that the Fire Department is FINALLY on the right track. No citizens will be left unprotected. The Hales and the Sham of a Volunteer Board would have you believe that everything is lost. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They are shamelessly doing everything they can to slow down progress.

We are simply... Tired!

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future

Semmes Firefighters Past, Present & Future
By now you have heard much discussion regarding the Semmes Firefighters. We have been discussed politically, used as a bargaining chip and most recently used to strike fear in the citizens of Semmes. Let me be clear. We will not abandon Semmes nor will we stop giving our best. We will continue to do what we have been doing for the last several years which is providing fire and medical protection.