City Of Semmes Municipal Election August 23 2016

City Of Semmes Election Related Interview #1 For August 2 2016

City Of Semmes Election Related Interview #1:
For August 2 2016
The Semmes area has people that know what is going on at city hall and are willing to talk about it as long as I do not record our conversation or mention their names. Slowly, more people with good information are coming forward and my original goal for starting this series of articles appears attainable. As a reminder, my original goal was to look into some allegations concerning our mayor and city council members and try to prove or disprove the allegations. After many discussions with citizens of Semmes several of the allegations proved to be unworthy of consideration. This morning’s interview was with a local citizen that was able to tell me the background of some rumors and gossip I hear around town.

City Of Semmes Street Department

City Of Semmes Street Department
As always, doing a wonderful job. About a hundred people from the Remington Estates and Pretty Branch Estates areas showed up at a City Council meeting to complain about speeders on Highway 98, Moffett Road. “The traffic is going so fast in the morning we can’t hardly get out of our neighborhood in the morning” complained one citizen; “seems like they all floor it when they leave the light at Schillingers Road and they gotta be doing at least 90 when they come by my street.” “And another thing,” complained a young mother, “in the afternoons everybody is doing a hundred or so on their way home. I’m almost afraid to slow down to turn into my neighborhood.”