Semmes City Council Agenda for August 20 2019

Semmes City Council Agenda
August 20 2019
The full agenda is 83 pages. In order to give you the primary points, I have included only the primary pages of each consideration. Again, as customary, the “Semmes Jurisdictions” map is created for each council meeting when annexations are to be considered. This article has not been endorsed or approved by the City Of Semmes. Terry Platt
Semmes City Council Place #4

Semmes City Council Agenda for August 6 2019

Semmes City Council to consider business license revision, open burning ordinance, ABC Application for Sunday Food Mart 2 LLC, amendening existing contract with Driven Engineering pertaining to Denmark Road, purchase of 2018 EZGO Express Motor Cart for the Public Safety Facility and additional annexations.

Semmes City Council Agenda For July 16 2019 ADJUSTED

Addressing the Council During a City Council Meeting
Any person desiring to address the Council must register and complete the form upon entering the meeting area. Please give the form to the City Clerk prior to the meeting being called to order. public Comments are only allowed during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. When addressing the City Council, the speaker must state his/her name and address. Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address the City Council.

I’m Against It – How About You?

A couple of days ago, I published a post about a  city council agenda item, a resolution, that may appear on the next Semmes City Council agenda, July 16, 2019. I say “may” because the Mayor said the resolution is “under consideration.” I think someone is tiptoeing around the mine field. I would like for you to know something about this resolution and let me know your thoughts. During the last council work session, I stood alone – voting no for approving the resolution.