"Rat" and Elaine Dearmon

A Humbling Experience

Another Letter to The Editor

“In Grateful Appreciation to “Rat” and Elaine Dearmon for Their Many Years of Selfless Service with the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Serving and Protecting the Citizens of Semmes”


It can be a humbling experience witnessing ordinary citizens banding together for their community to set right an injustice….and humbling it was last night in Semmes as I looked around at the faces of the men gathered outside of the Semmes Volunteer Fire Station No. 1 on Wulff road. It was very clear from the mood among these gentlemen that they were determined to liberate these stations last night not only to safe guard the citizens of Semmes but, to honor the memory of a family and a man that they had looked up to in this community when they were just young boys.  I had been asked to be there by Mr. Mickey Dearmon in order to provide photographic documentation of the conditions of the stations and any equipment that was found inside. Called into service again by their ex-chief, Mickey Dearmon, these men rallied to his side after Mr. Dearmon worked tirelessly to obtain court documents granting him as acting SVFD Fire Chief, the power to seize both Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No.

Semmes Volunteer Fire Department Motto: Resign or Be Fired by-Being Forced to Quit

Fun With Words

What is an “organization?” I ask in order that the citizens of Semmes might decide for themselves if the rights of the city-paid firemen employed by the City Of Semmes have been violated. The proper understanding of the word “organization” is important for this discussion because in last Thursday’s council meeting, Judy Hale mentioned the fact that city-paid firemen are required to be members of the Semmes Volunteer Fire Department. On the face of it, one might not take notice of that statement made “from the horse’s mouth” but it does raise the question of the legality of that requirement. If you just don’t trust what Judy says, as many do not, this requirement can be verified by asking any of the eighty or so firefighters that have perilously made their way through the entanglement of employee torture established by Judy’s authoritarian form of city government.


      After consulting with firemen, concerned citizens, and attorneys, Mayor-Elect David Baker today announced his plans and proposals for a much-improved Fire and Rescue Service to serve all of the residents now being served, but with faster response times, a more stable workforce, and newer equipment. The long-serving, much-appreciated, Semmes Volunteer Fire Department of the past exists today in name only. Only three volunteers remain. Now, professional City-paid crews man the three Semmes stations around the clock. Our Public Safety Committee will work closely with the Fire Chief and other members of the Fire Department to develop a list of urgent priorities, starting with personal safety equipment for all firemen.  I would like to bring those needs to the Council for action as soon as possible.

People That Care Speak Out

In response to a previous article
Mr David Edwards wrote this comment:
Mr. Platt,
So would you feel better if the Mayor fires enough firefighters to comply with the rules you state? I’m sure they’ll love the fact that you’ve pointed this out just as a way of stirring up controversy right at election time. Why have you not mentioned this prior to now? Is this something you just learned? I see that you’re running for City Council.