Local Alerts feature now available to government entities

  1. Local Alerts feature now available to government entitiesAfter extensive testing by over 350 government agencies, Facebook opened up its Local Alerts tool for all state, county and municipal governments last summer. Fire/emergency services and law enforcement departments are now also able to sign up for Local Alerts..

    A significant portion of the population turns to social media outlets such as Facebook as a primary or secondary source of news and information. Government agencies and emergency first responders who have a social media program are better able to meet the needs of the population they serve. This is another potential tool for your communications toolbox.

    For more information and some real-life examples, see Facebook’s blog post on Local Alerts and accompanying video about the feature. You need to link Local Alerts to an existing agency Facebook page. Your agency can sign up for Local Alerts through this form.

    (Source: Government Computer News)

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